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Danny Wood Enterprises, L.L.C. | Rutherford, NJ | 201-842-0055

Business Growth Through Sales & Management Training & Coaching

The Sandler approach creates sustainable success through incremental growth and change.

Leaders • Sales Managers • Sales Professionals

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Discover why people buy and how people learn

Sandler has transformed learning so you can increase revenue. 
Our business methodology is based on the psychological principles of attitudes, behaviors, and techniques that improve performance and creates a sales-driven, client-centric organization.

Client Thoughts

“Dan has played a key role in the development of my professional career. The skillset that I learned going through his program have proven to be invaluable. Calling out business owners and sales managers - Dan will make your team better!”

Kyle Stawicki, ChFC
Sax Wealth Advisors

“Danny made a presentation to my Vistage Group over four years ago and his message resonated with me. A novel idea to have a Sales Process and dig deep into the pain the customer is experiencing. I knew I needed to learn more. I attended one of his weekly classes and I was sold. Danny has helped our Team navigate challenging negotiations, provided guidance with our sales process and procedures, and continues to provide insight and support on a regular basis. He has a deep understanding and appreciation not only for Sales leaders but for business in general.”

Edward Russnow
President MAC Products

"I’m a strong advocate and believer in Danny Wood and his Sandler Sales Training Program. As a veteran salesman for over 30 years, I was reluctant to think that sales training was something that would be beneficial for me and my career. I couldn’t have been more wrong!

...The best testimonial I can offer is to share that I signed our entire sales team up for his program and insisted that all new hires learn the Sandler Training methods with Danny."

Michael Parkes
Co-President at the Display Advantage Group

Why Work with Danny Wood & Sandler Training in Rutherford, New Jersey?

Sandler sales, management, & leadership training is built on continual training and reinforcement over time. Like training an athletic.

Listen as Danny describes four-core areas where Sandler Training can help clients overcome.

If you have a commitment to grow your business, give us a call to see if we’re a fit.

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