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Danny Wood Enterprises, L.L.C. | Rutherford, NJ | 201-842-0055

Sales Training That Puts
You in Control of the
Sales Process

The Sandler approach creates sustainable success through incremental growth and change.


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Discover why people buy and how people learn

Sandler has transformed learning so you can increase revenue. Our processes are based on the psychological principles of complex attitudes, behaviors, and techniques.

Client Thoughts

“Right out of college I jumped into sales. I had some hidden talent, but I struggled with confidence. I thought that people wouldn't take me seriously because I was young. I was fortunate enough to get hands on training through the Sandler Foundation Program that Danny ran. It gave me a better understanding of the Sales Process. It helped me with principles of why someone would want to buy our services. This was extremely helpful for my development. Now I run a 6-person sales team and have sent my new hires to Danny for Training. If you need a way to get to the next level or boost one of your sales team that shows potential, then I would highly recommend you work with Danny.”

Dave Scaturro
Commercial & Industrial Painting Expert

"Danny has been awesome in his training and support of our Sales Team! He has helped our new team members (with little sales experience) learn and adapt to sales. Danny was also able to provide perspective to our more experienced team members so that they could fine tune their process and incorporate Sandler principals."

Paul D’Andrea
President at PRO-QUIP, INC.

"I’m a strong advocate and believer in Danny Wood and his Sandler Sales Training Program. As a veteran salesman for over 30 years, I was reluctant to think that sales training was something that would be beneficial for me and my career. I couldn’t have been more wrong!

...The best testimonial I can offer is to share that I signed our entire sales team up for his program and insisted that all new hires learn the Sandler Training methods with Danny."

Michael Parkes
Co-President at the Display Advantage Group

Why Work with Danny Wood & Sandler Training in Rutherford, New Jersey?

Sandler sales, management, & leadership training is built on continual training and reinforcement over time. Like training an athletic.

Listen as Danny describes four-core areas where Sandler Training can help clients overcome.

If you have a commitment to grow your business, give us a call to see if we’re a fit.

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