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The Sandler Research Center surveyed sales leaders and sales managers in Q4 2020 to gauge the impact of the global pandemic on sales processes and operations across a variety of industries.


Mike Montague interviews Josh Linkner on How to Succeed at Big Little Breakthroughs. In this episode:


We know you're busy! No problem. Here's a 120-second overview of three critical areas where the most productive sales leaders set their teams up for success this year.

Mike Montague interviews Steve Sims on How to Succeed at Making Things Happen.


As salespeople are talking to buyers, there are moments when buyers say things that are ambiguous or even a little misleading. When that occurs, we often make assumptions about what we just heard. Your job is to ask strategic questions to clarify what you think you’re hearing. STROKE-REPEAT-REVERSE is a great questioning technique to eliminate mutual mystification.

Mike Montague interviews Greg Rice on How to Succeed at Communicating More Effectively.


“Leading from the Front in Challenging Times” is the latest survey from the Sandler Research Center (SRC). It compiles and analyses data from a global collection of hundreds of sales leaders and managers.


Mike Montague interviews Antarctic Mike on How to Succeed at Meeting New People.

Salespeople often believe that ABC (Always Be Closing) is the first rule of sales. Not so. Sales Professionals know that constantly asking for the order makes them a pushy salesperson. Instead, pros ask the right questions at the right time to guide the prospect in establishing the next steps in the sales process. Prospects will either move toward closing themselves … or disclose their hesitancy, issues, or where problems still lie.

Mike Montague interviews Dave Mattson on How to Succeed at Scaling Sales Success.


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