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Sales Process

In an enterprise sale, where there are lots of moving parts, things can get complicated. Here are four best practices we share with our clients.


Prospects often give salespeople positive buying signals that they are going to close the deal. Salespeople often have "happy ears" hearing what they want to believe is true. It's not always that way.

Have you ever been on a sales call and get the sense that the other person has checked out of the discussion? We’ve all been there. Don’t fail into the prospect’s trap and help them end the meeting! Now is the time to follow the Sandler Rule, “If you feel it, say it.” Here’s how to uncover their issues.

The best presentation that you’ll ever give is actually the one that the prospect never sees.

It is only natural that you would look forward to delivering that killer presentation you’ve been working on. You’ve spent hours on it. You’ve picked the perfect music for key slides. You’ve chosen magnificent pictures, included a couple of cool animations, and you have great transitions popping in and out. It looks awesome. But there is one big problem.

“Please just send me a better proposal, and when you do, give me your bottom line. I don’t have time to go back and forth. Just get me your best number.”


As salespeople are talking to buyers, there are moments when buyers say things that are ambiguous or even a little misleading. When that occurs, we often make assumptions about what we just heard. Your job is to ask strategic questions to clarify what you think you’re hearing. STROKE-REPEAT-REVERSE is a great questioning technique to eliminate mutual mystification.

Salespeople often believe that ABC (Always Be Closing) is the first rule of sales. Not so. Sales Professionals know that constantly asking for the order makes them a pushy salesperson. Instead, pros ask the right questions at the right time to guide the prospect in establishing the next steps in the sales process. Prospects will either move toward closing themselves … or disclose their hesitancy, issues, or where problems still lie.

Video conference calls are now an integral part of many sales processes. That’s one legacy of the pandemic era that seems likely to be with us for a while. With that shift in mind, here are five videoconferencing best practices we see market leaders using to move the sales cycle forward.


George Carlin did a bit once about words that included the phrase, “it’s the context that makes them good or bad.” The bit *hasn’t* aged well, but his words are prescient when it comes to techniques learned in training.


Mike Montague interviews Rachel Shi, Senior Manager of Partnerships at Vidyard, on How to Succeed at Video Selling. 


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