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Qualifying Prospects with Precision:

Strategies for Accurate Sales Forecasts

Clearly Define and Establish Your Sales Process

Virtual Workshop • February 22, 2024 • 10am-11am ET • Sign Up ▼

Qualifying Prospects with Precision

There's No Place for an Unqualified Opportunity in a Forecast!

All too often sales teams flounder because they lack a consistent sales process. There's no defined criteria that constitutes a qualified buyer … or what's needed to move an opportunity to the next stage. 

Presidents, sales leaders, and business owners responsible for driving revenue join us for Qualifying Prospects with Precision: Strategies for Accurate Sales Forecasts on Thursday, February 22nd from 10:00am-11:00am ET.

Whose job is it to qualify leads?

Most people we talk to say, “That’s the salesperson’s job.” From a formal point of view, that’s correct.

Yet, it’s the leader’s responsibility to establish a sales process that defines benchmarks for qualification – or what isn’t a qualified opportunity. The quality of the revenue forecast depends on qualification accuracy.

Are your sellers ...

  • Wasting time on unqualified prospects?
  • Setting upfront expectations to establish equal business stature and guide the meeting?
  • Asking the right questions, at the right time, in the right way to uncover pain, budget and the decision making process?
  • Getting in front of the ultimate decision makers?
  • Using technology to identify, research, and prepare for buyer meetings?

Improve Sales Performance & Forecast Accuracy

  • More accurate forecasting

    Define the criteria and questions that determines qualification and to move forward in the sales process.

  • A shorter selling cycle

    Adopt a sales process that aligns with today's buyers to identify a mutually acceptable time frame.

  • Develop a higher comfort level when selling

    Develop a sales mindset and toolkit that builds credibility at the highest levels by establishing rapport, meeting agendas, and clear expectations for the sales process.

  • Weed out non-buyers earlier

    Learn to qualify buyers based on whether their needs, budget, and decision-making process justify your effort to propose a solution.

  • Less discounting

    Gain the confidence and skills to shift the buyer’s focus from the price of your solution to the cost of not implementing it, and their return on investment by solving their problem.

  • Better relationships

    Build trust and respect where every conversation differentiates you from your competitor. Understanding your buyer, their challenges, and  vision is more powerful than demonstrating product knowledge.

"Danny made a presentation to my Vistage Group over four years ago and his message resonated with me. A novel idea to have a Sales Process and dig deep into the pain the customer is experiencing. I knew I needed to learn more. I attended one of his weekly classes and I was sold. Danny has helped our Team navigate challenging negotiations, provided guidance with our sales process and procedures, and continues to provide insight and support on a regular basis. He has a deep understanding and appreciation not only for Sales leaders but for business in general.”

Edward Russnow
President MAC Products