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Skill Development

Learn how to improve your communication in any situation. Dave Hiatt, talks about his new book, From the Board Room to the Living Room: Communicate with Skill for Positive Outcomes, and how to improve your attitude, behavior, and techniques in communication. Learn how to use Sandler's sales skills and rapport techniques in your everyday life.

Often, being a salesperson carries a stigma of being a less than desirable profession. Obviously, that’s not an accurate judgement. Here are 12 steps all salespeople should live by to be recognized as professionals.

You had a good conversation with the prospect asking all the right questions. However, you may have missed important elements of what they really said. Listening actively is not the same as waiting patiently for your turn to speak. Here are three steps to help you listen actively.

Prospects and customers will sometimes make statements that sound positive, but actually reveal no actual commitment. A solid reversing strategy can and should be used to clarify prospects’ vague answers to your questions.

Disqualify, disqualify, disqualify! Be politely skeptical about what you hear from prospects. Ask questions that help you get a better idea of what’s really going on.

Words are only a small portion of how we communicate with one another. Yet the value of other forms of communication is often overlooked. Learn more about four different types of communication, and how using them effectively can improve performance, morale, teamwork and success in your business.

Half a year is almost behind us. Are you on track with your sales goals? Take time to identify what is not working, come up with fresh ideas, and attack this year with renewed fervor with these six sales tips.

What makes “excellent” salespeople excellent? What differentiates them from “average” salespeople? Is it attitude? Is it skill? Could it simply be luck? Are there identifiable characteristics that define excellent salespeople and set them apart from the rest of the pack?

While there are several factors that contribute to success in the sales arena, there are five things you must have in order to maximize your potential and the results you achieve.