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6 Signs that Your Learning Culture
Needs a Makeover

Create, support, and sustain a workplace learning culture

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Does your company have an effective learning culture?

If you ask 100 company leaders whether they support a learning culture, you will likely get 100 affirmative answers.

Ask 100 people who report to those leaders whether their organization supports a learning culture, and the number will drop dramatically.

As business owner, leader, or manager, it’s your responsibility to determine if your training and development programs are working … or not.


Retention levels and turnover are often indicators of how well your organization is supporting employees.


But there are other signs too.


The need to improve your learning culture is often uncovered when:

• An employee steps in to fill a void
• Everyone has their own system and there’s no consistency
• When learning and development takes a “one size fits all” approach
• HR conducts training, not a specialist
• There’s too much “Do it like I do” mentality


Building and fostering an effective learning-centric team has big payoffs by:

• Empowering employees
• Improving employee retention
• Increasing productivity and performance.


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Six Signs that Your Learning Culture Needs a Makeover

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