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Instructor-Led Virtual Sales Academy

Six interactive sessions beginning June 25

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How to close more sales in today's business environment

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

Each interactive training session presents an exciting combination of easy-to-follow lessons, real-world examples and role-plays, problem-solving, and ongoing reinforcement through additional resources.

The Virtual Sales Academy is for anyone
responsible for generating revenue.

  • Sales & Business Development Professionals
  • Customer Service & Inside Sales
  • Sales Leaders & VP's
  • Business Owners

You will learn how to:

  • Prospect effectively
  • Fill your pipeline with qualified opportunities
  • Shorten your sales cycle & close rates
  • Control the sales process
  • Questioning strategies to uncover pain, budget & decision

 Class Dates:

June 25, July 2, 9, 16, 23 & 30

Class times: 8:30-10:00 am ET using Zoom Meeting

Each attendee will receive a 1-year subscription to Sandler's e-Learning Library and the online Microlearning Sales Collection.

For more information, complete the form or schedule a meeting on my calendar and let's have a discussion to see if the Sales Academy is a fit for you or your team.

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Sales Academy Curriculum

Class 1 - Why Have a System?

Many salespeople “wing it,” cross their fingers, and hope that they get the sale. Learn a proven system to immediately improve your performance.

  • The Sandler Selling System overview
  • Success Triangles: Improving Your Attitude, Behavior and Technique

Class 2 - Making the Connection - Understanding Yourself and Others

Rapport is more than having a good conversation with someone. It’s about understanding how people communicate differently. In this session, you learn how to identify and adapt to different behavioral styles.

  • Bonding & Rapport
  • The No Pressure Cold Call

Class 3 - Understanding Buyers Motives

Your prospects don’t buy because of your features or benefits. Prospects buy because they are in pain or want to avoid pain. Learn the difference between a problem and pain, how to find your prospect’s pain, and what to do with it when you find it.

  • Selling Value with Pain
  • Defining Your Ideal Customers
  • Crafting your 30-Second Commercial

Class 4 - Taking Control of the Process

Are you ever frustrated at prospects wanting to “think it over" or disappearing after your meeting? Learn how to set ground rules with prospects at the beginning to avoid think-it-overs at the end. Learn how the pain you found earlier in the process impacts the budget step. You will also learn how to uncover the prospect’s decision making process before you make the presentation.

  • Up-Front Contracts
  • Budget & Decision Making

Class 5 - Can Asking Questions Be the Answer?

One of the biggest mistakes that salespeople make is trying to convince prospects why they should buy from them. Learn how to use different questioning strategies to uncover what's important to your prospects.

  • Questioning Strategies
  • Running a great sales call

Class 6 - Closing the Sale

  • Tired of hearing your price is too high?
  • Putting it all together
  • Personal Accountability
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