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6 Sales Management Principles to Apply Today!

Free Webinar for Business Owners, Sales Managers, & Leaders that Drive Revenue

October 1 • 1:00-2:30 pm EST • REGISTER BELOW šŸ‘‡

Building an elite sales team starts with effective leadership

Sales leadership is a tough job. You're a supervisor, coach, trainer, and mentor.

You do it all. But, are you effective?

As a leader, are you concerned with:

  • The frustrations of not having a consistent sales process?
  • Too much wasted time on recruiting and hiring the right individual?
  • How to onboard so they're productive and profitable quickly
  • How to coach and train to increase individual performance?
  • What's really going on during the sales call?

Start with these 6 sales leadership principles to develop a successful sales force.

  • Use a Common Process
  • Be a Comfort Zone Buster
  • Practice Creates Muscle Memory
  • KARE for Your Customer
  • Your Job Doesn't End with the Hire
  • Don't Go it Alone

New sales leaders as well as veterans will discover proven strategies to develop a stronger performing team!


6 Sales Management Principles to Apply Today
Thursday, October 1 • 1:00-2:30 pm EST
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85% of sales leaders went into their role without any experience.

That means a lot of mistakes.

You would think that sales managers would be one of the most training individuals in the company. Reality is they're the least trained.

A big responsibility for those held accountable for developing a sales team and ultimately for driving revenue.

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