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You completed your presentation; the prospect said "yes" and committed to have the purchase order faxed to you in the morning. It took longer than you planned and you jumped through more hoops than you care to admit, but it was worth it. 

Wait!! Before that commission is bankable, the sale must be closed...really closed. That means the purchase order must be received, the order processed, and the product or service delivered and accepted by the prospect. 

What could go wrong? 

Are there any unanswered or partially answered questions that could cause the prospect to have second thoughts about the purchase? Is the prospect's commitment to issue the purchase order indisputable? Is there another decision maker, or perhaps a committee, who could veto the decision? Does an incumbent supplier have a "last look" opportunity to beat your offer? 

If your answer to any of these questions is "I'm not sure," you are in trouble. Identify all potential roadblocks that could prevent the sale from closing and address them immediately. If the "closed" sale is not really closed, it is better to find out sooner (while you may still have an opportunity to deal with the situation), rather than later.

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