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If being successful would be as easy as reading a book or attending one seminar, we’d all be doing it -- right? Like most things worthwhile in life, it takes commitment of time, energy, and mindset that will help begin your journey to where you want to go.

Let’s talk about mindset:
The proper mindset is focusing on possibilities and not on limitations.  If you believe you are in a competitive industry, then you are.  If you believe that all prospects buy on price, then they do. If you think you have a long selling cycle, then you do. Whatever your perception, becomes your reality. Henry Ford probably said it best when he said, “whether you believe you can or you can’t, you are right.”

You need to have a mindset that not only allows you to learn new strategies, approaches and techniques, but to implement them…immediately…not sometime in the future when you are more comfortable with them.


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