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Too many salespeople are willing to perform free services for their customers without any discussion. It’s as though by performing these extra, services the salesperson hopes the customer will give him future consideration in return. Not a bad idea … if customer understands there is value and effort associated with the service.

Do you sometimes struggle to get your message across to a prospective client? You know that what you have to offer is exactly what the prospect needs, but the more you try to make your point, the more you realize that the prospect is tuned to a different wavelength.

A sales call debriefing is an opportunity for the sales manager not only determine the progress with the prospect, but as an opportunity for coaching and education.

By “reading” your prospects’ cues, you can quickly establish rapport and begin to improve your sales proficiency. Your goal as a salesperson is to learn these bonding and rapport techniques and practice them repeatedly.

Successful salespeople are often experts at differentiating themselves from the competition. This isn’t a coincidence. It’s vital because if the prospect has no way of differentiating between sales people, they’ll default to their tried and true method, price. Poor and mediocre salespeople are the ones that cut their price and try to low ball a deal. Successful sales professionals avoid the situation and when circumstances place them in that battle, they usually walk away. So as a rule of thumb, if the competition is doing it, do something else.

There is an invisible barrier which holds you back. It was built brick by brick since the day you were born, unintentionally maybe, by people who would have wanted more for you. But, nevertheless, there it is - blocking your path to success. And since it is part of your inner core, it is hard to tear down.

No one in any profession is successful 100% of the time. Keep rejection in perspective as you move toward your goal. 1. Expect your share of rejections. 2. Focus on the long term. Tomorrow you'll barely remember those rude words barked at you today. Next week, you'll have to struggle to recall them. Life goes on.

A major frustration for salespeople is dealing with prospects that can't seem to make a decision. Perhaps the biggest of those frustrations is struggling with prospects who indicate the desire to make a decision (and to do so by a certain date), but when the date rolls around, they invariably need more time.

If you want to excel in the sales game, you only have to follow three simple steps. If you're already at the top of your game, following these steps will take you to higher levels of success. Even if you're at the other end of the success spectrum, in a slump perhaps and ready to throw in the towel, following these three steps will get you out of your slump and on your way to success...guaranteed!

When you really want (or possibly need) to close a sale, it’s easy to drop into “convincing” mode. You begin to sound like the stereotypical “high-pressure” salesperson explaining the benefits of the various features of your product or service and “justifying” the costs.

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