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“Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes... but no plans.” -Peter Drucker

Our clients are individuals and businesses who are committed to developing the skills to be successful though their behaviors, attitudes and techniques.

Increased Sales by 65% with Sandler

"I wanted to give a quick shout out to Danny Wood from Sandler Training who helped transform my overall sales health."

Mark Fontanella
Insurance Professional at Hanson & Ryan, Inc.



Sandler helped HubSpot increase sales productivity by 15%

"Sandler's unique training is about sharpening critical sales skills. That extra ten to fifteen percent improvement in productivity makes a huge difference and will help sales professionals at all levels of their careers succeed."

- Yamini Rangan, HubSpot CEO

HubSpot Case Study Cover

“I enjoyed being in Sandler training and looked forward to my class every Tuesday. Danny Wood is a wonderful leader, and the class was very interactive and created such a supportive environment. I highly recommend this to anyone in Sales, or business period.”
Donna Boudreaux

"Danny’s class has changed the way I think about sales and prospecting. He is an unbelievable teacher and an inspiration. Since taking his class I have increased my sales tremendously. People actually respond to my emails and messages. It is remarkable. I highly recommend the Sandler method and Danny as your sales coach. Danny has a lot of skills and knowledge you will not be disappointed!"

Zack Kramer
VP of Marketing and Business Development, Progressive Payment Solutions


“Dan has played a key role in the development of my professional career. The skillset that I learned going through his program have proven to be invaluable. Calling out business owners and sales managers - Dan will make your team better!”

 Kyle Stawicki, ChFC
Sax Wealth Advisors


“Danny made a presentation to my Vistage Group over four years ago and his message resonated with me. A novel idea to have a Sales Process and dig deep into the pain the customer is experiencing. I knew I needed to learn more. I attended one of his weekly classes and I was sold. Danny has helped our Team navigate challenging negotiations, provided guidance with our sales process and procedures, and continues to provide insight and support on a regular basis. He has a deep understanding and appreciation not only for Sales leaders but for business in general.”

Edward Russnow
President MAC Products


“I credit Danny Wood for creating and shaping my sales management philosophy, through his amazing leadership program. After spending a year in Danny’s program, I began to see immediate results not just in revenue generating activity but giving me the playbook to manage more effectively. Danny teaches with passion and inspiration along with a great sense of humor. Not only do I consider Dan a mentor but a friend. I would recommend Danny and the Sandler program to anyone committed to their personal development and future success.”

Craig Lynch
Director of Business Development at American Express

“For years I would go on appointments and meet with customers. Run numbers, provide proposals, all to frustrate myself with follow up. At Sandler’s Training I learned a new way to do business. I would highly recommend Danny Wood to anyone who wants to convert prospects into sales and stop the free consulting. Its not just sales training. It’s a way of doing business and taking control of yourself.”

Chris Daunno
CAD Construction

“Danny is an enthusiastic and inspiring trainer that is dedicated in helping his clients succeed on both a professional and personal level.”

James Greene
Mack Worldwide Warranty


“I started last summer and was unsure what to expect. Years of selling and management behind me and now I'm still learning with this program. Great program, great trainer and more to learn! Thanks Danny!”

Cindy Quinn
Horizon Pest Control

“Right out of college I jumped into sales. I had some hidden talent, but I struggled with confidence. I thought that people wouldn't take me seriously because I was young. I was fortunate enough to get hands on training through the Sandler Foundation Program that Danny ran. It gave me a better understanding of the Sales Process. It helped me with principles of why someone would want to buy our services. This was extremely helpful for my development. Now I run a 6-person sales team and have sent my new hires to Danny for Training. If you need a way to get to the next level or boost one of your sales team that shows potential, then I would highly recommend you work with Danny.”

Dave Scaturro
Commercial & Industrial Painting Expert

"Danny has been awesome in his training and support of our Sales Team! He has helped our new team members (with little sales experience) learn and adapt to sales. Danny was also able to provide perspective to our more experienced team members so that they could fine tune their process and incorporate Sandler principals."

Paul D’Andrea
President at PRO-QUIP, INC.

"I’m a strong advocate and believer in Danny Wood and his Sandler Sales Training Program. As a veteran salesman for over 30 years, I was reluctant to think that sales training was something that would be beneficial for me and my career. I couldn’t have been more wrong!

Working with Danny was a real eye-opener and continues to be of great value.

The best testimonial I can offer is to share that I signed our entire sales team up for his program and insisted that all new hires learn the Sandler Training methods with Danny.

Now, more than ever, it’s worth the investment in (you and) your company’s future. You’ll be glad you did."

Michael Parkes
Co-President at the Display Advantage Group

The Tools, Strategies, & Plan to Succeed

“Danny clearly knows what he's talking about from a sales training perspective and he absolutely has the ability to deliver the tools the motivation, and the expertise that any organization needs to really succeed. If you're looking for someone to come in and motivate your team and give them the tools, the strategies, and the plan to really succeed as a sales organization, I absolutely highly recommend having Danny in to do that for you.”

Greg Riccardi

We have attended other seminars given by Danny and this one also proved to be helpful and informative. A great 2-hours with minimum investment - highly recommend any program that Danny offers.

Mary Ann McBride

Danny is a great teacher and motivator. I learned more about how to use LinkedIn in the couple of hours we spent than I had over the years being on LinkedIn. Would highly recommend this class.

Thomas Zappia

I have been on LinkedIn for a while but was not using it effectively. I attended a "Linked-in" seminar hosted by Danny Wood and learned how to make a better impression on-line and to use the tools within linked-in more effectively.

Albert Traverso CPA

Danny Wood has helped me grow as both a professional salesman and as a person. He has a way of bringing the material alive and arms you with a tailored plan to crush the competition. It's an investment not an expense. Look forward to my training every week. Thank you Danny , you are an asset to the sales community.

Joe Friedman

Working with Danny the past three years has had a great Impact on my career. I always have enjoyed the thrill of the sell but to be able to close is even more rewarding. This process has instilled in me the confidence I need to make an impression not only on sales calls but also in all client meetings.

Josh Chananie

“Besides learning some great techniques and gaining some confidence, the session was the "shortest" 3 hours I've ever spent in a class setting. Tremendous!”
Allen Mix

“I really enjoyed the training. Danny is good at what he does and I took away a lot of useful strategies and techniques to make my skills better. I liked how he was very interactive with the group.”
Lucas Lourenco

“Danny has put together an excellent course on how to effectively reach the decision maker, industry abroad. His program is well worth the time and should prove to be a great knowledge in everyday business. Thanks again.”
Eric Demmers

“I am new in the Financial Service Industry. The company that I work for does rely on the Sandler System to train its sales agents. Now I see why they do that, this Sandler training is spectacular. It makes all the sense of the world and if followed 100 percent I am sure the result will be within a 100 percent accuracy radio.”
Carlos Restrepo

“I am the founder and owner of an office technology company helping companies optimize their business communications from print to mail. When I first met with Danny Wood, we had experienced rapid growth however; we didn't have the processes in place to measure and implement a solid system for managing and developing our sales staff. Our industry had become highly commoditized and our salespeople were having trouble maintaining margins and identifying those types of businesses that were truly qualified to work with our company. We were losing sales to "lowest price" and many of the sales we won were not with companies that truly valued what we brought to the table.

Within three months of engaging Danny with a customized program of Sandler training, our salespeople immediately saw a difference in the way they approached every sale and were winning deals that were more profitable, spending less time chasing decisions and overall, won more sales and gained confidence. Danny and the Sandler System turned our sales team into a highly efficient group of professionals with extreme confidence. They no longer "bank" on one or two large sales per month to hit their quotas and now are consistently exceeding the goals set for them by my company. Sandler has become a verb within our dealership and without Danny's professionalism and deep involvement in our sales processes, we would not have been able to experience the exponential growth that we have over the past year and half. I always tell people that are looking into a sales training system that I wish I had started with Sandler and Danny when I first started my business. I truly believe that with the tools provided, I would never have had the amount of turnover or lost energy on unqualified opportunities over the past 9 years. I highly recommend engaging with Danny and the Sandler system. I am a believer!”
Aaron Rubin, Founder/Owner - Docutrend Imaging Solutions

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