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Why Salespeople Fail and What To Do About It

Executive Briefing

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Is your organization Sales Driven?

This executive briefing is designed for business owners, leaders, and managers whose people are doing well but they know they can be better.

Today’s buyers are more sophisticated than ever.

They expect more of a sales professional. In today's changing business environment, successful salespeople have honed their industry expertise but they are still frustrated with:

  • Time wasted on unqualified leads
  • Prospects who demand commitments while refusing to make any themselves
  • Long selling cycles
  • Unreturned calls and messages

Resulting in missed quotas, reduced margins, and lost income.


Attend this session to learn the causes 
and what to do about them.

Sessions are from 1:00-2:30 pm ET

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Would you rather make excuses or sales?

Excuses are the death of a sales organization. Stop rationalizing why a deal didn’t close and do something about it.


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