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SalesMastery Training Program

Are Your Sales Strategies Working Against You?

Learn why people buy and how you can sell more – and sell more easily


Are You Ready To:

  • Take control of your selling process?
  • Learn how to qualify buyers before investing time, money, and energy pursuing them?
  • Close more sales, more quickly, more easily, and more profitably?
  • Have fun in your sales career and be treated like a professional?
  • Become a sales master?

You Will Learn to Consistently:

  • Qualify buyers & identify their real needs
  • Disengage from situations that will waste their time
  • Structure sales encounters for optimal effectiveness
  • Improve their ability to set & achieve ambitious sales goals
  • Sharpen you prospecting & lead acquisition skills

SalesMastery creates sustainable success by encouraging incremental growth and change over time.

SalesMastery Program Topics

  • Why have a system?
  • Bonding & Building Rapport with Prospects
  • Making Up-Front Contracts
  • Questioning Strategies
  • Identifying the Reasons for Doing Business (Pain)
  • Uncovering the Prospect’s Budget
  • Identifying the Prospect’s Decision-Making Process
  • Closing the Sale
  • Creating a Prospecting Plan
  • Overcoming Call Reluctance and Making the Call
  • Breaking Through Your Comfort Zone
  • Improving Your BAT-ting Average
  • Applying TA to the Sales Situation
  • Setting Goals
  • Developing Your Formula for Success
  • Negative Reverse Selling®

A flexible system that put you in control of the sales process.

The Sandler take-charge approach to the sales process challenges long-held sales beliefs, turns the tables on buyers, and places the control of the sales process in your hands!

The SalesMastery Program includes access to Sandler's online training portal and instructor coaching.

Man woman meeting


"Danny Wood has helped me grow as both a professional salesman
and as a person. He has a way of bringing the material alive and
arms you with a tailored plan to crush the competition. It's an
investment not an expense. Look forward to my training every week.
Thank you, Danny, you are an asset to the sales community."

Joe Friedman

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