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Danny Wood Enterprises, L.L.C. | Rutherford, NJ | 201-842-0055

Crash a Class!

Experience a complimentary Sandler Sales Class

Thursday, October 3, 2019 | 8:00-9:30 

Are you discouraged with ...

  • Prospects not calling you back?
  • Missing sales forecasts & goals?
  • Writing proposals & not winning the business?
  • Prospects not making decisions?

Discover the 7-step process

  1. Building Bonding & Rapport
  2. Setting Up-Front Contracts
  3. Finding the Prospect’s Pain
  4. Uncovering Budget
  5. Obtaining a Decision
  6. Providing Fulfillment
  7. Completing Post-Sell
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What Sandler Training Teaches …

  • Sales methodology to implement a consistent process & close more business.
  • Non-traditional techniques to provide a competitive advantage
  • Questioning tactics to gather, not give information
  • Customized behavioral models to meet & exceed goals consistently

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The Psychology Behind the Sale

Everyone has three ego states; the Parent, Adult, and Child. Listen as Danny explains Transactional Analysis and the difference in the three. The Parenting ego can be critical or nurturing. The Adult makes logical decisions and objective. The Child state can be rebellious, emotional, or fun loving.