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Danny Wood Enterprises, L.L.C. | Rutherford, NJ | 201-842-0055

Best of the Best - No Sweat Prospecting

Reserve Your Seat! - Thursday, February 16 | 2:00-5:00 pm


Do you experience these roadblocks?

Learn a prospecting system that works


  • Prospecting procrastination
  • Prospecting fear
  • Relying on marketing for leads
  • Falling short on setting appointments
  • Missing your numbers & falling short of quota

Investment: $249

A selling system that works!

Control the Sale!

Learn to effectively:

  • Get prospects to call you back
  • Navigate past gatekeepers and voicemail
  • Create a “marketing style” 30-second commercial customized to address the prospect’s challenges
  • Start meaningful conversations with the “Magic Email” designed to be mobile friendly
  • Handle “put-offs” from your prospects
  • Develop questions that your competition would not ask
  • Ask for referrals and introductions without sounding pushy
  • Establish credibility, trust, and rapport early in the process